May 03
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READING + WRITING = IMAGINING Reading is an active, not a passive, experience. Adults often forget that pages of books are filled with symbols, and readers must use their senses, memory, imagination and emotions to breathe life into words.  The empty space around the words, the commas and periods, give... read more →
Jan 30

Side by Side: New Visual Narratives

As an artist with an eye for social justice, I welcome the shift in current discussions about art without the usual hierarchical context. Thanks to educators, artist, and curators, a wider definition of art is creating new visual narratives that tug at the human spirit. by Julia Bryan-Wilson    ... read more →
Jan 13

Dear Red: An Act of Social Justice

       Illustration by Henry Glovinsky DEAR RED, THE LOST DIARY OF MARILYN MONROE, a work of fiction, by Maureen McNeil, is now available online at Hold this book in your hands, and Marilyn will whisper secrets in your ear. Marilyn's story belongs in the #MeToo movement, and... read more →